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Fibres West

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

My parents are generally supportive of creative stuff my sister and I do. Show an interest and suddenly you’re swimming in supplies.

Case in point: I wasn’t planning on going to Fibres West and then I got an email from my dad suggesting that we go. He runs after school programs for kids at inner-city schools, lots of sports, crafts and music. One of the programs is a fibre arts program and he’d heard about it from the instructor.

The ladies at the door seemed very concerned that he was going to be there. “There will be food…” one supplied. No need to fear though. He keeps himself amused, even though he claims to not understand the appeal of my habit of ‘tying knots in string’ and my mom was there for him to talk to too.

Between the two of them, they decided that I needed a new basket and then of course we had to fill it with hanks of alpaca. I also picked up a book of really lovely knee sock patterns, because for whatever reason I seem to like them a lot these days. More about this later. Until then, I’ll be busy knitting.

Plum Project Studio

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010


Our Thursday night knit group decided took a little field trip this week to a new Shop on the Dollarton Highway called Plum Project Studio. The shop caters to a couple crafts – knitting and crochet but also cross-stitch and sewing as well, with a heavy bias towards stocking ethical products – fair trade, organic, small business, plant dyes, hand-printed.

The shop offers classes and the use of its sewing machines and other tools to customers. It’s a small space with a little sampling of a lot of different things, including some really cool ceramic buttons. The owner, Janice, said she wanted to get a feel for what customers want and then she’ll order stock and schedule classes and activities accordingly.

We arrived early and had a chance to wander around the shop before other people began to filter in.

It was a good group of people that showed up and lots of laughs were had by all. It was a nice change of pace from our regular Thursday evenings. I don’t have any pictures, but Steve posted some. You can sort of see the top of my head in the first one. Yay me.

The gloves endeth.

Saturday, March 27th, 2010


I just need to weave in the ends of these before they’re done. As you can see, there are a lot of them, and that’s only the half that are visible. I’ve been putting this off for a while now.

For the past four months these have been my knitting club project. I could have finished them at least four times faster but unlike a lot of the other projects I have going, they are very portable. I’ve taken these gloves every Thursday night and my progress report has become a regular feature.

When I lost steam I started bringing other projects with me, but when I brought them out of my bag, people would ask me about my fabulous man gloves were and I’d begrudgingly pull them out and force myself to knit another finger.

The first one I knit from a pattern, sort of. I had the charts but the instructions were vague and didn’t seem to match the picture. I ended up doing a lot of my own math to figure it out. After that I had to take the book back to the library so I knit the second one by looking at the first.

The result is that I have acquired probably more status than I deserve, as that person who knits crazy-complicated-looking stuff without an apparent pattern.

The other night a lady approached us and started talking about maybe coming and learning how to crochet. She was looking at everyone’s projects and getting really enthusiastic but when she turned toward me and saw my gloves she seemed to lose interest. She said that she could never knit like that and then the conversation was over.

This doesn’t happen often but it bothers me every time it does. I hate having this this effect on people. It’s not a competition. No one gets judged or penalized for their lack of experience or ability.

Not to mention, I do things every once in a while that remind me that I kind of suck at knitting.

Photo 249

See how the cardigan folds itself together like an accordion on the one side there? I decided to knit the button bands on and I got lazy, thinking that if I just picked up every second stitch that everything would work out fine. The nice thing about only knitting in every second stitch is that you’re finished so much faster! The bad thing is that you bind off, try it on and find that it’s totally gibbled and it’s your own fault for not thinking it through.

I do this stuff a lot.

So there you go. I’m a hack. I fly by the seat of my pants. I plunge into things without looking at the instructions and then I screw up and usually don’t show you when I do.