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Chickadee nest

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

last year's nest from the bird house

Ever wonder what a bird’s nest looks like up close? My mom cleaned this out of one of the birdhouses in the back yard the other day and it was interesting to see what came out. Lots of moss and some grasses at the bottom and then a lot of what looked like cat hair towards the top. Very soft.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it ended up being used. I remember seeing tons of activity in the birdhouse earlier in the summer. The chickadees made frequent trips in and out and seemed to be doing a lot of work. But after a while they stopped. The house wasn’t very high off the ground and it was on a post that was fairly close to the fence, close enough to be visited by cats. Eventually they appeared to abandon it.

This year it is much higher from the ground and farther from the fence so maybe they will come back.

I keep meaning to put out scraps of yarn to see if they will use them but I always manage to forget.

last year's nest from the bird house

last year's nest from the bird house


Monday, May 10th, 2010

Just under two weeks ago I was doing some yardwork behind our house and saw a couple of ducks wandering down the back alley like they were out on a Sunday stroll. At first it looked like they were just passing through, but they lingered for a long time. I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than making a note to myself to get out my camera to take some pictures after I was finished working.

But the neighbours aren’t as tolerant as I am and they banged pots and chased the ducks around the back lane until they flew away.

I have been gradually transforming the back garden back into a garden. Apparently the lady who used to live here before the landlord bought the house had a very nice garden, but since then it has filled up with weeds and garbage that I’ve been removing. It wasn’t until well after I started that I thought that I should take a before picture.

I forgot to take a before picture

A week after I first saw them, the ducks were back, hanging out in our back yard.