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Appropriate reading

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

After my French class ended I had a hard time staying motivated to study because I get bored with grammar, even though I know that it’s important and it helps me understand.

It’s so much more interesting to read books though. I think that grammar is one of those things that you pick up after a while anyways, provided that what you’re reading is correct. I don’t really care about knowing the rules. I just need to be able to use the language properly.

I ran down to the VPL and picked up some books in French. At first I decided to read some young adult novels. There are some with rather attractive covers and they looked like they could be interesting reads.

I was never much interested in children’s literature, even when I was a kid and I spent the shortest possible time I could reading kids and young adult fiction before I moved on to more advanced things. I found the plots of a lot of kids books stupid and boring. Not to mention, I was a really weird kid and I couldn’t relate to a lot of the kids in kids’ novels so I didn’t bother with them.

The level wasn’t that important to me; the content was. I ploughed painfully through many a book that was totally the wrong level for me. The end result though was that I advanced very quickly in reading and I was strangely erudite for my age.

But I remember there was a rule that you were supposed to follow. You were supposed to count on your fingers every time you found a word you didn’t know. If you found more than five on a page then the book was too hard. I totally disregarded this when reading English. I think it’s a good way of holding yourself back unnecessarily.

But when it’s not my language? I need it dumbed down.

Trying to find kid’s books that I’m interested in is a little difficult. The whole genre is new to me, and I still find the majority of kid’s books kind of boring.

I did, however, find a couple of books about some frogs that I find kind of entertaining. My sister’s face lit up when she saw them because apparently she’d read and loved them in their original English. I wouldn’t know. Sometimes I feel like I completely skipped being a kid.