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It’s always windy in Hope

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Yesterday I tagged along with the family out into the Fraser Valley for a day of wandering through antique shops and stocking up on food.

We visited a store in Mission that had a very impressive selection of ceiling lamps. It also had a lot of awesome old, wooden arts-and-crafts office furniture and I was inexplicably drawn to an oak filing cabinet with bakelite handles. When I grow up that’s exactly how I want to do my office. We left, but not before the parental unit bought a huge art deco milkglass pendant lamp. The collector in me loves it because those things break easily so they’re rare. The practical part of me wonders where they’re going to put it because their house is most definitely not the place were art deco lighting of any kind would fit in.

We stopped by Farm House Cheeses in Agassiz, because we were running dangerously low on cheese.

The people there must think we’re totally bizarre. Most people buy a sliver or a couple hundred grams of cheese. Dad steps up to the counter and asks for the whole wheel. You won’t see me complaining though because I really like cheese.

Hope was quiet. Nothing’s really open there on Sundays, not even the bakery with the awesome dinosaur cookies. We drove around in an unsuccessful bid to find something that looked interesting enough to justify stopping.

Finally we arrived at my grandparents’ memorial to look at it for the very first time without it being stormy and dark. A bunch of very friendly people at the visitor’s centre checked their list of antique and used stores in Hope to find that every single one just happened to be closed at that very moment.

Hope wasn’t completely void of excitement though. Du made the mistake of wearing a swishy miniskirt, and Hope being perpetually windy, it made for numerous Marilyn Monroe moments.

it's always windy in Hope

It wasn’t until we got home that we found out that while we were in town, the body of Ryan Jenkins was found at the Thunderbird Motel.