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Misteur Valaire

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Misteur Valaire

Holy sheisse I’m behind already!

After our time in the Downtown East Side, we sprung my roommate Mye out of work early and headed toward Granville Island to see Misteur Valaire.

Mye talks about this band a lot. They’re her friends from high school, and she was a little disappointed when her work schedule wouldn’t allow her to see them play.

Somehow she managed to get a couple hours off for the concert, so my job was to meet her at work and make sure she actually got there. I had an ulterior motive though. I wanted to actually get in. Getting locked out of Wilco the night before was still fresh in my mind.

But it turns out that the concerts at Place de la Francophonie don’t have super long line ups. Either way I got to meet the band and that was pretty cool even if the language barrier was kind of an issue. They play a really fun concert so I would highly recommend seeing them.

One complaint about Granville island though. I hate that in spite of all the events and festivities happening down there, the Market still closes at 7pm, thus cutting off all access to cheap fast food. People really need more options than a hotdog stand and a bunch of crowded sit-down bars where you have to wait upwards of an hour for your food.

Misteur Valaire