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Friday, August 21st, 2009

The packaging on the toilet paper in our staff washroom claims that the paper is ‘embossed.’  That makes it much fancier than the inferior non-embossed 2-ply toilet paper varieties out there.

If I was the one in charge of purchasing supplies, the presence of embossing would surely play an important role in my choice of toilet paper brands.  Though I’m certain that my butt does not notice the difference, the aesthetics of the pattern undoubtedly contribute in a positive way to peoples’ bathroom experiences, leaving them with a sense of satisfaction that plain toilet paper never can.

Just think – someone designed that flower and dots pattern that’s pressed into the paper.  An industrial designer, using professional tools and software.  This person likely went to school for several years and assembled a formidable portfolio of work in order to land themselves a job embossing toilet paper.

I’m glad that in today’s society such talent and experience is not wasted.

* I’m certain it was likely price and not the presence of embossing that contributed most to my employer’s purchasing decision.  That’s very unfortunate because have you seen the embossing? It’s fantastic.