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Pumpkin pie

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I spent most of today feeling really fatigued. I kind of sleepwalked through the day. When I got home I was informed that my roommates were planning on feeding me.

“Great,” I said, “I’ll make pie.

I made it from scratch. It wasn’t quite as good as it looks, and I was kind of disappointed. This calls for further experimentation. Yes please, they said. I must be really out of shape these days because rolling out the dough for the crust has left me pretty sore.

‘Bash it down’ is the name of a song my roommate wrote in high school. It took him a while to notice it after I took it out of the oven. “It’s like you made it for me!” he said. He was pretty excited.

At dinner we cracked open another bottle of our new wine. I don’t know what’s in that stuff but it goes straight to my head. I spent quite a bit of time after dinner laying on the floor taking pictures of the cat.


The end of the ice age

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Don’t look now but we got a new boiler today!

No more seeing your breath indoors!

No more shower-induced hypothermia!

No more sleeping with two layers of clothing on!

No more sleeping with mittens!

No more sleeping with a toque!

And best of all, no socks in bed! Because I’m hardcore anti-socks-in-bed it drives me nuts that I have to wear two pairs to be able to sleep comfortably.

Yes, you read that right. We’re going to melt the polar ice caps like there’s no tomorrow so I can sleep barefoot.

Heat seeking

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

c'est Sachat!

My roommates are sick and I think I’m coming down with it. I can’t say I’m thrilled about this.

The only one who seems to be fine is the cat, which is good for her, but annoying as hell for us, because it’s no fun when you’re feeling kind of crappy, minding your own business and someone is biting your leg. I’ve tried to explain this to her but I don’t think she understands.

Our heat still doesn’t work. This place is so draughty that there’s not really any difference between the temperature indoors and that outdoors. Someone came to look at the boiler last week and the prognosis was not good. The landlord decided that she wanted a second opinion but said second opinion has not arrived yet and I’m unclear as to what the plan is there.

We’ve taken to using the fireplace, which cuts the damp a bit, but really doesn’t seem to ward off the chill. Some people say it does but I don’t feel it.

Once again, the one entity in this house that seems to be keeping warm is the cat, but not in a way that I’m comfortable with. The other day I looked over toward the fireplace to see that she was curled up in the corner behind the grate. Aww, she looked comfy.

I did a double take. The cat is in the fireplace. She is going to track soot everywhere and dirty stuff up. I need to discourage this behaviour!

It was shortly after that that I realized that there was also fire in the fireplace. The logs were still glowing red. The cat was snuggled up beside it.

Trying to explain to your roommate how her cat got cooked on your watch is not a conversation I want to have. I sprayed her with a squirt bottle. She ran out. She was pretty pissed off with me.


Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

We have a friend who really badly wants to be a Suicide Girl so the morning will start like every other morning but sometimes you’ll step out of the shower and suddenly there are a bunch of people there with cameras and makeup and you’ll be helping someone zip up a costume and offering things from your room for use as props.

And then if you’re like me you’ll cook yourself an egg and then go back to being a hermit in your room because you’ve got a paper to write, or, as the case was today, a tabletop communications exercise to mentally prepare for. (Mt. Baker exploded, dropping a foot of ash onto our community, which in the rain led to collapsed buildings, flash flooding, a couple hundred missing people etc… now go deal with it)

I should state for the record that my photos don’t do justice to the finished photos, which turned out pretty excellent.

Cat attack!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

la petit troublemaker

Last night the sinus thing that I’ve been trying to fight off finally set in. Too many nights without enough sleep and suddenly my head’s stuffed up. It hurts all over and my ears itch. But by far the worst part of this is that my sense of balance is really off.

Every once in a while the cat suddenly decides that she wants to attack my hair and she’ll fly out of nowhere and latch onto my thigh. It’s not just that the sudden ambush catches me off guard, it’s also the fact that she always manages to hit the part of my inner thigh that’s really ticklish.

My lack of balance means there have been a couple close calls where I have nearly fallen over. That and shrieking.


Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009


I have to say that moving with just a car while you’re working full time and don’t get home until the evening is not exactly the most efficient way to move.

It would help if the car had a trunk, but since we were tail ended a month ago, we haven’t been able to get it open.

Not that that would matter all that much. I’d still probably drag my ass packing stuff up and being indecisive about what I want to take or in what order even if I had a big truck or movers. Of all the things I suck at, moving pretty much tops the list. Luckily I’m not under any serious time constraint. I figure I’m not really going to have most of my stuff there until Sunday.

I have some pretty awesome roommates who shampooed the carpet in my room today while I was away. I need to bring them cookies or something.