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Man in the window

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

this has kind of been my life the past couple weeks

Mary-Lee’s dream was prophetic. A few days later there was indeed a strange man staring in our window in the morning. It turned out to be the pest control guy, coming to check the traps he’d set out whenever he was last here. I don’t know when that was. No one saw or was even aware of his arrival except for the one roommate who had appointed herself to be his main contact.

Shortly after that though, she was not doing a very good job of staying in contact. The landlord kept calling this guy, wanting to see results, so with her breathing down his back he just decided to show up and see if anyone was around.

The roommate who had had nightmares about mice and stalkers in the window was. It kind of freaked her out.

He was very pleasant. He checked all the traps and put more poison out. I can’t tell for sure but it does seem like the situation is at least a bit better since he first came. I alerted him to the fact that the cat has been attacking the hole in the back of the cupboard lately.

I really wish she had claws.

Mice colluding with worms

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011


Clearly I’m not the only one who’s a little paranoid about the mice. The sounds in the walls have continued, though I haven’t heard anything in the walls in my room for a while. The cat is still acting strangely, but I’m not sure if that’s because she hears something or she’s imagining something. It is widely believed that half the things she chases around don’t actually exist.

Last night my roommate had a dream that we had little black mice flying around our suite. She tried to catch them in bowls but they were too fast for her. Suddenly she heard a sound from inside the kitchen cupboards and worms began to pour out.

Among the worms nestled a small cat. She picked it up and decided to keep it, even though Mye doesn’t like cats, especially cats that are covered in worms.

It was then that she noticed a strange man looking into our kitchen window. She was creeped out and closed the blind. When she walked into the livingroom, he was there, staring through those windows too. In fact, he seemed to be in every window…

Which is right about the time that her boyfriend accidentally knocked a lamp onto her face while getting into bed. She screamed and then began to cry, which made him feel far worse than he already did.

Excitement: we have it.


Of mice and eggplants

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Further to my previous post: I suddenly had all this eggplant and didn’t know what to do with it so I took my question to twitter and got a bunch of very helpful and inspiring suggestions. I had intended to blog about my amazing eggplant cookery so far but I seem to inhale food far too quickly to take decent pictures of it.

This got me thinking though that this might be a fun thing to document sometimes, the challenge of dealing with a ridiculously large amount of a given vegetable or fruit, purchased in a dollar bag, dragged up Main Street and then lugged home on the Skytrain. If I was still working in the neighbourhood this could be a weekly thing.

Ah well…

Someone finally came about our mouse problem and put some traps out. It took a long time to come to this, not because of the landlord but because my roommates were for various reasons reluctant to bring it up. I found this odd because no one hesitated to freak out and call the landlord when ants invaded our suite.

But mice? Well, they’re different. And since I’m not technically on the lease where I live it wasn’t really my call to make. My roommates’ reactions were as follows:

“Well… I don’t know about contacting the landlord….”
“I can’t write English. Someone else do it.”
“I saw one in my room but I’m not convinced that they exist.”
“At least it’s cute!”
“Whatever, they’re not eating our food so no big deal.”

It was insane and it was driving me insane because they’re living in the walls and I could hear them scratching inside the wall beside my head as I was trying to sleep at night.

So here’s hoping the traps will work.


Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

happy bday Mye!

I’m having a hard time getting work done right now. We have some guests staying with us from out of town and it’s my roommate’s birthday.

I guess things don’t really need to be completed today.

happy bday Mye!


Thursday, May 27th, 2010


Wesley asked me a few times last week if I was interested in playing Risk. I said sure and he called up some other friends to play. It seemed to require a lot of organization and planning to get everyone together.

Yeah, now I remember – the game takes a long time! I got a lot of knitting done and while we were talking I realized how much of a geek the bassist from my roommate’s band is. We spent a lot of time talking about Isaac Asimov stories while everyone else looked on with a bewildered lack of understanding.

Halfway through someone asked if the oven was on because we could all smell burning and we looked out the window to see a huge plume of smoke. The neighbour’s house was on fire.

We went out to watch but we were immediately downwind of the smoke so we went back inside.

Ten hours later I got tired of playing and went kamakaze, attacking everything I could and went to bed. I had a lot of things to do the next day and I didn’t want to be up all night.

Too bad I can never sleep.

How to cure a cold

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Quebecois medicine

Half our household is surfing in Tofino right now. Steph’s busy working or volunteering and everything else that she does, leaving just Mye and I alone most of the time.

I have been sick with a cold lately. It set in shortly after we came back from Salt Spring and it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Mye told me that the solution to this is to keep an onion beside my bed.

Apparently this is going to cure me. I don’t suppose it will hurt.


Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

One of Wesley’s favourite hobbies is stalking people on Facebook, checking through pictures, looking at people’s friends, finding things out. On the one hand this is creepy but on the other, if people put their info out there then what’s wrong with looking at it?

Today I was working on a paper when he arrived at my door and told me that there was something that I had to see that had totally blown his mind. Was it that his hair was standing up? I asked. He had been wearing the hood of his hoodie earlier and there were several large chunks of hair on his head that defied gravity. It made him look as shocked and amazed as he sounded.

He said that no, it was that he was looking at people’s photos on Facebook and he had come across one that was taken in our kitchen.

And so it was! It was someone who we used to go to school with, and who I used to be in dance school with. We checked through all her photos and found one of her in what is unmistakably our bathroom. Crazy!

So he messaged her and found out that apparently she lived in our suite before we did.

She said we should probably put out ant traps now…

Plenty of fish

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

One of my roommates has just discovered online dating. This is something that he has never previously ventured into before because he has a pretty awesome girlfriend who he’s been with for a long time.

No, he’s not cheating on his girlfriend. He just likes looking at what guys put on their profiles and has been a little obsessed with finding us all boyfriends. A couple of weeks ago he came up with a shopping list of characteristics for a guy for Mye and then asked for some of my input. From there on, I guess he kind of made up a shopping list for me. I’m kind of intrigued as to what he thinks but I don’t really want to encourage him.

Today he’s been busily trawling through profiles, and choosing guys he thinks are interesting for our other roommate who has been into the online dating thing for years. So far the results are inconclusive as to whether he is a born matchmaker or not.

“Hey, this stuff is fun!” he said. Sure, it’s fun if you’re not feeling really lonely and don’t have to deal with lots of creepy male attention or good male inattention or actually going out on the dates. He approaches it kind of like a tourist: fly in, have fun, withdraw with no strings attached.

He’s been trying to convince me that I should also sign up on a site so that he can find a bunch of random people for me. I keep saying no, but it will be a while before he gives up.

A couple of our roommates provide so much entertainment to us that we call their lives ‘shows’ and try to figure out where the writers are trying to go with the plot after they’ve gone to bed. No doubt there’s also an Erin Show that I don’t hear about and this is part of it.

Dear Mary-Lee

Monday, January 4th, 2010

We have been taking good care of your cat.

She has achieved new heights.

Communed with ceiling cat.

She has been serenaded.

rearranging my filing system

She has rearranged my filing system.

And attacked Vincent

dear Mary-Lee

But she still pines for you.

Please come home soon. She’s being a cute, snuggly pain in the ass.

Indie demos

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

recording our album

Can I reiterate how much I love my roommates? I can have a crappy stressful day and then walk in the door to find that they’re writing a cheesy indie song and I will spend the next three hours forgetting about what happened earlier because I’m writing lyrics and singing them in the flattest voice I can manage.

me, writing lyrics

Sounded kind of like this, if you’re curious.

what if we do this?