S’mores in the dark

Earth Hour

I seem to remember Earth Hour being a really big deal a few years ago, but I didn’t hear much about it this year. Mentions were conspicuously absent on facebook and in my twitter feed. Maybe people have reached their slacktivism quota and are frustrated with the fact that it doesn’t actually accomplish anything. I don’t know.

I’m probably the first person to get all grouchy about activism that doesn’t really produce any lasting change but it’s fun to unplug for a bit and do something a little out of the ordinary. My family really likes participating in Earth Hour so yesterday we fired up the oil lamps and sat in the semi-dark for the planet.

What to do once the lights are off? Knit a scarf and read about light, of course. But right away the complaints started – why hadn’t anyone thought to warm up some chocolate for a fondue beforehand? We’d been caught with our pants down and

But Abby had a great idea: why don’t we make s’mores with a torch?

Earth Hour

Using a torch to melt marshmallows is a little difficult. Much like roasting a marshmallow over an open fire, it’s very easy to burn the outside without melting the centre. This is exacerbated by the fact that unlike a fire, the heat of a torch is focused on one tiny point. Consequently it’s a little hard to heat it evenly.

The second batch turned out much better than the first. With enough testing, I think she could get very good at this.

Earth Hour

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