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It was past eleven and pissing rain. We reached for the cross walk button at the same time. She smiled. “Are you Catholic? Do you go to St. Francis?” she asked.

“No,” I replied.

“You look like someone at my church. There are three sisters who serve at the altar at St. Francis and one looks just like you. Your height and your hair are just the same.”

We crossed the street together, and she began to laugh. She repeated herself. “I thought you were her.”

“It’s happened to me before,” I said, “But the person realized I wasn’t her when I turned around. I think it’s my hair.”

She shared her umbrella as we walked.

“You know, this happens a lot to my dad,” I said. “He’s very generic looking. There seem to be a lot of men that look kind of like him out there. He’s had little kids walk up to him and call him dad.”

“Really?” she laughed again.

“Which kind of concerns him because you don’t want to be a strange man seen walking around with other people’s children.”

She invited me to her church and then turned onto her street. I could meet this girl there if I wanted to, if I was Catholic. I thanked her for her invitation and headed on my way, arriving home mostly dry.

So there you go. I have a doppelganger. If you see her, say hello.

I don’t think I will go meet this person. It’s not supposed to be a very good thing to do.

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  1. tammy Says:

    That was awesome. I love peeking into other people’s days. :)

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