Fibres West

My parents are generally supportive of creative stuff my sister and I do. Show an interest and suddenly you’re swimming in supplies.

Case in point: I wasn’t planning on going to Fibres West and then I got an email from my dad suggesting that we go. He runs after school programs for kids at inner-city schools, lots of sports, crafts and music. One of the programs is a fibre arts program and he’d heard about it from the instructor.

The ladies at the door seemed very concerned that he was going to be there. “There will be food…” one supplied. No need to fear though. He keeps himself amused, even though he claims to not understand the appeal of my habit of ‘tying knots in string’ and my mom was there for him to talk to too.

Between the two of them, they decided that I needed a new basket and then of course we had to fill it with hanks of alpaca. I also picked up a book of really lovely knee sock patterns, because for whatever reason I seem to like them a lot these days. More about this later. Until then, I’ll be busy knitting.


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