Man in the window

this has kind of been my life the past couple weeks

Mary-Lee’s dream was prophetic. A few days later there was indeed a strange man staring in our window in the morning. It turned out to be the pest control guy, coming to check the traps he’d set out whenever he was last here. I don’t know when that was. No one saw or was even aware of his arrival except for the one roommate who had appointed herself to be his main contact.

Shortly after that though, she was not doing a very good job of staying in contact. The landlord kept calling this guy, wanting to see results, so with her breathing down his back he just decided to show up and see if anyone was around.

The roommate who had had nightmares about mice and stalkers in the window was. It kind of freaked her out.

He was very pleasant. He checked all the traps and put more poison out. I can’t tell for sure but it does seem like the situation is at least a bit better since he first came. I alerted him to the fact that the cat has been attacking the hole in the back of the cupboard lately.

I really wish she had claws.


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