Mice colluding with worms


Clearly I’m not the only one who’s a little paranoid about the mice. The sounds in the walls have continued, though I haven’t heard anything in the walls in my room for a while. The cat is still acting strangely, but I’m not sure if that’s because she hears something or she’s imagining something. It is widely believed that half the things she chases around don’t actually exist.

Last night my roommate had a dream that we had little black mice flying around our suite. She tried to catch them in bowls but they were too fast for her. Suddenly she heard a sound from inside the kitchen cupboards and worms began to pour out.

Among the worms nestled a small cat. She picked it up and decided to keep it, even though Mye doesn’t like cats, especially cats that are covered in worms.

It was then that she noticed a strange man looking into our kitchen window. She was creeped out and closed the blind. When she walked into the livingroom, he was there, staring through those windows too. In fact, he seemed to be in every window…

Which is right about the time that her boyfriend accidentally knocked a lamp onto her face while getting into bed. She screamed and then began to cry, which made him feel far worse than he already did.

Excitement: we have it.



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