Of mice and eggplants

Further to my previous post: I suddenly had all this eggplant and didn’t know what to do with it so I took my question to twitter and got a bunch of very helpful and inspiring suggestions. I had intended to blog about my amazing eggplant cookery so far but I seem to inhale food far too quickly to take decent pictures of it.

This got me thinking though that this might be a fun thing to document sometimes, the challenge of dealing with a ridiculously large amount of a given vegetable or fruit, purchased in a dollar bag, dragged up Main Street and then lugged home on the Skytrain. If I was still working in the neighbourhood this could be a weekly thing.

Ah well…

Someone finally came about our mouse problem and put some traps out. It took a long time to come to this, not because of the landlord but because my roommates were for various reasons reluctant to bring it up. I found this odd because no one hesitated to freak out and call the landlord when ants invaded our suite.

But mice? Well, they’re different. And since I’m not technically on the lease where I live it wasn’t really my call to make. My roommates’ reactions were as follows:

“Well… I don’t know about contacting the landlord….”
“I can’t write English. Someone else do it.”
“I saw one in my room but I’m not convinced that they exist.”
“At least it’s cute!”
“Whatever, they’re not eating our food so no big deal.”

It was insane and it was driving me insane because they’re living in the walls and I could hear them scratching inside the wall beside my head as I was trying to sleep at night.

So here’s hoping the traps will work.


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