Eggplant week

I spent yesterday downtown with the museum filming Moving Through, an event centred around dialogues about the City of Vancouver, architecture, planning and design. I’m probably going to be writing a blog post about it soonish so I’ll link it when I can.

I took some time afterward to wander around Gastown and the DTES because it was sunny and beautiful out. I kind of miss working down there and because I don’t I don’t really have much of a reason to pass through all that often so it was nice to have a few hours to wander.

I picked up some fabric at Dressew to make some summer tops clothes and was once again pulled towards really neutral greys and creams. I’m not sure why. I guess I’m just in a minimalist rut these days. I entertain the thought of having really amazing flashy style but when it comes down to it I tend toward the boring and safe.

I took a stroll down Pender to find that things are pretty much the same. The guys lined up in front of the Sally Ann still tell me I have a nice smile.

I ended up at Sunrise Market, one of my favourite little greengrocers. I used to go there all the time when I worked at the Police Museum. It wasn’t unusual for someone on staff to announce that they were making a grocery run and to take requests and for us to draw up a really random shopping list for them.

Sunrise has everything and it’s piled up in the aisles so much that you can barely walk through. People bump into each other and sometimes the staff wander around with machetes to hack rotten bits off the produce. It’s a really amazing place.

They have a bin of dollar bags of produce. It’s something different every time. Usually stuff that is going off soon that they really want to get rid of. They suck me in every time. I don’t need that giant bag of whatever but it’s in a bag and it’s a dollar! Inevitably I’m convinced that this is a good idea.

So that’s how I came to possess 10 lbs of eggplant. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it all but I’d better do it quick.

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