Blue cardigan

a sweater is born

Sometime during stitch and bitch tonight we heard a large bang somewhere overhead. It was loud enough that the ground shook and all the car alarms in the parking lot went off. It appeared to knock out all the nearby traffic lights too. I never saw a flash but if it was lightning then it was the loudest and closest I’ve ever heard.

I finally sewed the buttons onto my blue cardigan, which is big for me because I spend a lot of time making things but I rarely finish anything. I’ve been wearing the cardigan around the house for months, but with only one oddly-placed button I couldn’t wear it out in public.

Somehow or other I have misplaced the charger for my camera. I haven’t seen it in a few weeks and I’ve torn my room apart trying to find it to no avail. I have, however, been doing a lot of very overdue cleaning, vacuuming and decluttering so maybe it will turn up. If not, then I’m going to run out of easy things to clean and I might have to start scrubbing the walls with soapy water in frustration.

I really want to take some pictures. But until then, you’ll have to content yourselves with a bad webcam picture of the thing sans buttons.

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