Wild creatures of Canada

just hanging out

This guy decided to pay us a visit today. It sat outside our house for quite a while and I walked outside to go take some pictures.

February started out with a whole lot of work and other engagements so I’ve been super busy. I made this video. The editing is a little messy but meh.

The other day at the office a coyote walked right up to our window, probably looking for mice. Finding some, I’m sure because he looked pretty well-fed and healthy. I mentioned it and immediately my office filled up with people.

One of my coworkers is Australian and she was excited because apparently there are no wild dogs in Australia anymore. Dingoes that escaped culling have bred with dogs so there aren’t any purebred, wild dingoes to be found.

Not in Canada, though. We have all these wild creatures roaming around all the time. Mye asked me the other day if we warned children about cougars in schools. I said no, but we do have earthquake preparedness days. She didn’t believe me that we live in an earthquake zone.

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  1. Susan Says:

    I was happy to stumble upon your blog this morning. This post reminded me of:
    -a day in February last year when a red-tailed hawk perched in a tree in my backyard for the better part of a morning
    -an evening last autumn when a coyote came loping down the sidewalk of our suburban street, just as if he were someone’s pet dog off-leash.

    I live in a Massachusetts suburb outside of Boston, and I am always amazed by the wildlife I see out my own front (or back) door. This was their home before these houses were built here 15 years ago. They haven’t left…they’re still wandering the streets and yards. Nightly, I have to remind myself that the stars haven’t left either, we just can’t see them anymore.

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