I’ve gotten so bad at blogging that I forget to write things down. My life these days isn’t really all that interesting so ironically I find that makes it easier to forget the memorable bits.

Things like getting a new cat. She has been living with my parents for two months and she hasn’t been mentioned here yet. So here she is:

Her name is Emma. They got her by way of one of Mom’s coworkers who had a friend who passed away.

She’s timid but quite affectionate. She makes a lot of noise and sounds a lot like a balloon leaking air as she rubs up against your leg. I think she’s kind of a weird looking cat. She has the physique of a bulldog or maybe a tank. I’m not sure what she weighs because she hates being picked up.

My other cat doesn’t like her but she has been slowly getting used to having her around the house. At first they seemed to fight a lot but now it seems more likely that she just wants to play. Apparently her previous owner used to leave the windows open in the apartment and other cats used to drop in and play with her.

But Lou’s about a third of her size and has been acting like a grouchy old lady so Emma has to go play by herself. Poor kitty.

I’m planning on forcing myself back into daily blogging by joining thing-a-day, a big create-a-long where you make something every day for the month of February. I missed it last year but I enjoyed trawling through the blog and seeing what everyone made.

2 Responses to “Emma”

  1. kimananda Says:

    Hmmm…I always find out about these ‘do something every day and blog about it’ things around the day they start. So, normally I pass. But it looks like a good idea! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create.

  2. Susan Says:

    Emma is gorgeous–what great markings! I especially like her two-toned mustache. I can’t imagine my life without cats (we have three).

    I keep trying to think of ways to get myself to blog regularly, but I guess my life ist just too irregular :- )

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