No tears.

So there’s this restaurant in a neighbourhood we used to live in that my parents used to go to all the time before I was born. It has really good burgers and a casual atmosphere with reasonable prices.

They took me there when I was a baby and in spite of being fairly well behaved in restaurants I cried inconsolably and they had to take turns babysitting me in the car. The same thing happened the second time they took me there. They ran through the standard baby consolation checklist to no avail.

At every other restaurant we visited I was fine. There was just something about that one that didn’t agree with me so they concluded that it was cursed and vowed to never go there ever again.

I don’t remember any of this but the story was related to me multiple times and every time we drove by the place it was pointed out as the restaurant I totally hate.

Tonight we happened to be in the neighbourhood though and there aren’t a lot of dinner options so I suggested it. I was told that we couldn’t possibly do that but the speed at which we ended up there indicates to me that they actually wanted to go there. They never miss a good chance to publicly ridicule their children. They love us too much.

They told the waitress and I threatened to cry but I didn’t because I’m totally over it now.

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