Slashed tires

My roommate decided that she wanted us all to go to a karaoke bar for her birthday but there was confusion though as to where it was. No one seemed to have the address so we wandered around the neighbourhood for a while. There are several karaoke places around but eventually we found it. Karaoke is fun though places never seem to have much music I actually like. It was probably the only time you’ll ever see me sing along to Lady Gaga.

But when we finally got back we were talking out on the lawn with a friend and she said that she’d sobered up enough to drive home. Are you sure? I remember asking her. I really can’t tell the difference between her drunk and her sober so the thought of it was making me a little nervous. She’d be fine, she said. She could take her heels off finally! She was going to drive slow, take the right lane and she’d make it home eventually.

I had a bad feeling about it though and the car kind of confirmed it. As she went to drive away from the curb it made a weird noise, ground into the curb then swerved erratically into the neighbour’s driveway. She hopped out barefoot and started circling the vehicle. And that’s where we realized that someone had slashed three of her tires. She was pretty upset about it. They were her winter tires. She couldn’t afford them when she bought them and she had a fight with her husband about it. She’d won on the grounds that it would be safer for their daughter. That was about three weeks ago.

It wasn’t driveable so we stood there for two hours waiting for a tow truck. She got into an argument with an aunt who seemed to believe that she should be able to drive 40 km home or at least park the thing on the road. Neither was possible. The rims just spun around in the mushy tires.

I’m not too happy that it happened right outside our house. It was totally random, the only one on our block.

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