Wrong room


I was late for class the other day and I walked into the wrong room. It took me a while to notice though because there were some people I knew in there and someone handed me a hand-out and invited me to sit down. But something was off. There were too many people I didn’t know and I stood there really bewildered before I realized that I was supposed to be next door.

The people in the room I was in were planning a conference or something. My instructor was there and someone else was teaching our class that night.

“You can stay if you want,” she said, but by that time I was mortified and I excused myself awkwardly.

We had a lapidary demonstration in our class. Faceting. The guy cut a standard round brilliant cut from start to finish. It was akin to watching paint dry so we talked a lot.

We paused to reflect on the absence of one of our classmates. She keeps talking about how she wants to learn to cut diamonds but I don’t think she really understands how much time that takes. Diamonds are even more tedious than the stones we saw cut today. I doubt she has the attention span for it.

I do lapidary too, but I mostly do cabs. They’re a little more exciting.

Conversation turned to the subject of women in the trade. They’re capable but not many do bench work. You have to keep your fingernails short and it’s hard on your hands.

Suddenly all eyes were on me. “How are your hands?” someone asked.

“Callused,” I replied, “like sandpaper.”

600 grit, I reckon.

2 Responses to “Wrong room”

  1. kimananda Says:

    I noticed somewhere that you’re studying gemmology now. I’ve long thought that would be a fascinating thing to get into. How are you finding it?

    And I’m thinking that while short nails are good, bitten to pieces nails and cuticles like I have might be difficult. All that rock dust I would imagine would irritate abraded skin. Or do you get used to it?

  2. sugarmouse Says:

    horror of horrors!! but i can relate. i’ve had my fair share of walkin in the wrong room… thankfully, that bit of my life is over now. haha! it’s actually pretty funny when you think back on it…

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