Media monitoring

It’s been a super busy week for me! In one of my classes we’ve been gearing up for the Global Media Monitoring Project in November. The project is supposed to create a global snapshot of the way that women are represented in print, TV and radio news. We’re working on the research for English language media in Canada.

On top of that my group, the print group, is working on another research project on women in photojournalism. We’ve spent the whole week putting together our research proposal and drawing up our methods for what is starting to look like a crazy ambitious project.

I think we’re all pretty excited to be working on projects that are actually useful that we’ll get to send away to Toronto to be published in a report. It’s great to write something that people are actually going to read.

One thing that bothers me about undergrad is how much time and energy is spent doing research that goes nowhere. I’m sure that there are a lot of projects that aren’t really useful for anyone, but there are some that might be beneficial.

The one that comes to mind is the composting feasibility study that I did with a group in one of my classes. It wasn’t until afterward that I found out that someone had done the same project as a directed study and a geography class had been working on the same thing at the same time. None of us knew about eachother and each of us started from scratch. Ultimately, nothing has been done with any of our results. It’s frustrating.

But not this project. It will be pure sleep deprivation and awesomeness.


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