Our house is really drafty, and there is nowhere where you feel it more than in the bathroom. It’s so bad that there’s actually wind blowing through from the window and the arctic outflow makes it especially uncomfortable to dry yourself off after a shower.

So my roommate got tired of the arctic conditions and invested in some of the plastic stuff that you put over your windows. It’s something people apparently do out east all the time but in Vancouver this whole practice is kind of foreign and weird. This is probably why the plastic stuff is hard to find. It took some hunting before she found a hardware store that carried it.

And, not only is it hard to find, it’s also expensive. Six dollars plus HST per window that you want to seal. But in this case, though $6.72 is a necessary sacrifice to prevent post-shower hypothermia.

I’m not entirely sure how this stuff is supposed to be installed but she stuck it on the wall around the window, completely encasing the windowsill and frame. Good thing too, because the cold seems to emanate from around the window, not the window itself.

It looked awful but it was an instant improvement, and was an instant improvement for maybe 12 hours until the cat tried to jump through it and tore the plastic.

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