I m a

I collect buttons on the strap of my camera bag. It wasn’t really a conscious thing. Someone just handed me one when I happened to have my camera out and I stuck it on the strap. The next time I was handed a button, the precident was already set and I knew where it should go.

Now there are lots of them. Suddenly people notice them. They give guys a convenient thing to remark about when it’s really obvious they’ve been staring at my boobs.

And now, suddenly people offer me buttons specifically for my camera strap, because they see that clearly I am the recipient of buttons. So someone at work handed me a button of a partner organization. The organization does good work and I have no qualms about endorsing them.

But here’s the thing – I’m kind of selective about typography. The kearning is all wrong. The first line is “I’m a” and each letter has the same amount of space between it. It’s not two words, it’s three discrete letters floating in space. Terrible.

I don’t think I can wear this button.

2 Responses to “I m a”

  1. tammy Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t wear it either. I don’t really like knowing that it exists actually. ;)

  2. yarnpiggy Says:

    Oh, hell, no. You’re doing the right thing.

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