My sister is writing a paper on the ethics of salvage. She’s interested in the kinds of old things that people feel they are free to take because they don’t seem significant or old enough, like old garbage or household items.

It’s a really interesting topic. Stuff that is ‘ancient’ is off-limits to the public. It gets excavated by archaeologists and put into museums. But stuff from Confederation onward is fair game for everyone, despite the fact that it might provide interesting insight into settlement and life during different time periods. This stuff is important to researchers because the history wasn’t always recorded very well or truthfully.

She wanted to add a personal dimension to her paper so she dug into my grandparents’ autobiography, where our Grandad wrote at length about salvaging bottles and collectibles from old garbage dumps and collecting glass insulators off of telephone poles.

We had a laugh at some of the stories he wrote. Grandad was a clever guy and his writing is very colourful. Maybe I’ll find the time to dig through and pick a couple stories to post.

Stored in with the books was a bunch of ephemera that I always forget is there. Somehow it’s always new every time I look at it, maybe because I’m always looking at it with different eyes. It was in all this that we remembered that he passed away fifteen years ago today. Interesting coincidence. I’m not good at remembering those sorts of things.

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  1. Abby Says:

    Sixteen year ago. It was 1994.

    I like those pictures.

  2. erin Says:

    See? I’m bad at this stuff.

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