For the past several weeks our internet has cut out in the evening, sometimes as early as 6 or 7 and then it’s out for as much as four hours. This began shortly after our newest roommate set his computer up as a server for some game that he plays so he probably unjustly bore the brunt of my wrath.

It’s really stressful to not have a reliable internet connection, especially when I do so much of my job from home and I need it to look for more work.

But the awesome thing about being a generally amiable, even-tempered person is that when I do get pissed off I get results. The factory presets were restored on the router and things were fine for about a week when suddenly the internet went back to being screwed up again.

It also began to screw up while the roommate was in question was not at home, so I’ve apologised profusely and now we’re looking to change internet providers.

So part of this is frustration and part of this is me trying to excuse myself for being such a bad poster. I’m stuck in a meta loop as far as blogging goes. Instead of writing about something interesting I write about blogging. My blog is full of suck these days. Not being able to connect to the internet and post posts is just one of many reasons.

It has taken 45 minutes for me to log into wordpress to post this, and I can’t get flickr to load so I can add a picture. It makes my blood boil.

2 Responses to “Connectivity”

  1. A Strange Boy Says:

    The internet is my lifeline here in my small town; the idea of not having access to it is scary.

  2. erin Says:

    It’s tough. You don’t realize how much you’re dependent on it until you’re forced into withdrawal.

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