I have been having a lot of trouble with our internet connection lately. It has been really unreliable and we haven’t been able to pinpoint an exact cause or solution.

I braved the line ups at the health food store the other day to buy the candied fruits above. I picked a good day because they happened to be on sale. The lady beside me was also buying fruitcake fruit so we chatted for a while. She was buying mixed peels and cherries in very specific amounts. I skipped the peels and bought pineapples and papayas instead. We never buy peels because my mom doesn’t like them and because it’s just not the way we do it.

It’s funny how particular we all get about these traditional things that we do.

At one place where I worked I had a coworker who made white fruitcakes at Christmas and injected rum into them with a syringe. She swore by this method as the best possible and most efficient means of boozing up a fruitcake. Why go through all the trouble of waiting weeks for the alcohol to soak in?

She would bake the thing a week ahead of when she needed it and then after a round of injections every 2-3 days, she’d call it done. The result was more like a pudding mash than like a cake with a heady odour that would waft out at you every time you opened the staff fridge. You could totally smell on people’s breaths if they’d been eating it.

This cake was legendary in the office. It’s actually making me feel very nostalgic about working there now.

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