Night transit

Saturday’s Remixology was good. I managed to actually catch a lot of what was said this time and it was interesting to hear Steve Pratt talk about the risks that they can take at CBC Radio 3 because it isn’t profit driven and doesn’t deal with major labels.

Their strategy seems to be to just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. Brush your failures under the rug and keep trying new things. I’m seeing a trend here in my encounters with new media people. I like it. It’s so much more fun and permissive than the way that you ‘should’ go about doing things.

The ride home was an adventure though. I got off the skytrain and waited for my bus. Normally I would just walk. I need the exercise and I don’t like waiting at the stop.

I’d like to say that I took the bus because my mom doesn’t like me walking but really it was because my feet were sore from standing all day and after a while my shoes like to dig into my heels.

Shortly after I got on the bus a guy got on with one of the old orange Canucks jerseys and sat at the back. People asked him which name was on his back and when it was revealed to be Pavel Bure the back of the bus erupted with cheers.

Meanwhile, at the front two very drunk and comical African men kept shaking hands and introducing themselves. One kept trying to get off the bus and the other would shout “Don’t get off the bus, brother! I’ll get you downtown!” They would then introduce themselves again. At one point in time they ended up kneeling on the floor hugging each other.

It was a very eventful ten minutes of my life. I don’t think I could be a late night bus driver. I have a lot of respect for people who are.

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