I decided to use the mealy looking little cabbage at the back of the fridge today. If I had encountered it in the store there’s no way I would have purchased it, but it came from my parents’ garden so it’s special.

Over the years this garden has yielded all sorts of amazing things, including the most amazing rhubarb in the world:

I grow good rhubarb.

But this year we were preoccupied so we missed the deadline for entries at the fair.

It’s just as well. This year wasn’t very good for gardening. We had a cold spring and then the end of the summer was really wet. A lot of stuff just didn’t grow very well. Poor yields, small vegetables.

This is the first year that we’d tried growing cabbages and we haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet. I’m not entirely sure how you go about making cabbages grow large. The cabbage in my fridge was one of the larger ones from the plot. It had holes in it and was full of woodbugs, gunk and worms that I tried to shake out of it. Oh the joys of organic produce!

Since it was homegrown I was determined to use it. I ended up pulling off and washing each leaf individually. I decided that there was no way I would eat it raw so I decided to boil the shit out of it and make borscht.

The borscht turned out really well though. I’m not entirely sure why. I must have found the ideal proportion of beets to cabbage, or perhaps it was that I bought full-fat sour cream instead of the kind that is made from skim milk. Either way, it was really good borscht. I think further experimentation is needed to determine what went right.

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