gemmology homework

My Gemmology course is pretty cool so far. The only problem with it being really sciency is that there’s a lot of memorization, which isn’t really the funnest way to learn but I learned Latin by rote so memorizing formulae and cuts and inclusions and whatever isn’t really a big deal. It’s just not my favourite way to learn.

Apparently after a year of memorization we get to actually apply that information and it becomes useful so I’m looking forward to that.

We’re not supposed to talk too much about the gems we handle in class so as to not attract a lot of attention on the street. It makes for slightly awkward trips home on the Skytrain with classmates.

Well, we haven’t really handled any cool things yet. I have, however, acquired a triplex loupe and thoroughly investigated such things as the woodgrain in the kitchen cupboards, my watch and my thumbnail, which doesn’t look very smooth when magnified 10x.

I have spent much of the day working on assembling these geometric models of different kinds of crystal structures that I now have to memorize. It hasn’t been the most creative of tasks, but I figure I don’t do this sort of arts and crafts stuff enough.

gemmology homework


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