It’s fall! We took a roadtrip out to Chilliwack this weekend to pick up a carload of veggies this weekend and yesterday I spent the day canning with my mom.

Good thing, too! The weather’s starting to turn and it’s getting a little chilly. What better time than to boil the shit out of some fresh vegetables?

We made pickled beets and dill pickles. We do this pretty much every year but it took a long time and a lot of gimpiness for us to get back into the routine of how to do things. Once we have it down though, we’re pretty efficient.

Every year a few things seem to get lost in the shuffle. Somehow during the reorganization of the carport the rings for the gem jars went missing and have yet to be found. We managed.

We’ve had our share of excitement too. At one point in time one of the beets exploded while mom was peeling it, splattering blood all over her shirt and face.

mmm... brine


polish dill

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