MOV-ie Night

Some photos from Museum of Vancouver’s MOV-ie Night earlier this week. A few more are posted on my flickr.

I was watching the footage that I took earlier this week and there’s one point where we’re outside and the camera shakes quite a bit. We were filming beside a marsh in a cloud of mosquitoes. I could feel them biting me but there was nothing I could do about it because the camera was rolling and I was holding it still.

But at one point I saw one land on my arm and I watched it begin to bite me. I was overcome by a powerful urge to whack it. I did finally. I hit it with the camera and smeared it across my shoulder. That’s why the camera goes all crazy at that point on the tape. I’m going to edit that part out.

I’m not safe at home either. I hear them all night. The sound keeps me awake.

One night I heard one and flipped on my light to see if I could find it. After an exhaustive search of the room, I found it on the wall right near my pillow. Apparently it had already gotten to me because when I slapped it blood smeared all over the wall. Lovely.

I’m kind of allergic to mosquito bites. One or two isn’t really a problem but if I have more than that it seems to be too much for me to handle and they all flare up. I don’t even have to touch them. Just wearing clothes or having my bedsheets touch them is enough to turn them into angry, swollen welts.

The only way to deal with them seems to be to take a heavy dose of antihistamines and then sleep it off, which is what I intend to do shortly. I’m feeling drowsy already.

Yes, I’m talking about my mosquito bites again. Yes, I’m aware that this is about as interesting as the week I spent talking about our lawn.

MOV-ie Night

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  1. chris Says:

    I feel your pain. I’m highly allergic to mosquito bites as well. Enough that just one bite will swell up to the size of large coat buttion and cause severe itching for several days making Benadryl a common medication in my life. The weird thing is that I’m also allergic to pollens and molds, but I can roll in poion ivy or oak all day and get nothing. Also I repell ticks and if they do dig in I find them dead on me. It’s amazing how the human body reacts to allergens.

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