the claw!

Today I managed to pick up several mosquito bites while filming at a farm in Steveston. I was really good about not scratching them then and they didn’t really bother me much for most of the day but now that it is the evening, inexplicably they itch like hell.

I have a couple blog posts in the works about my thoughts on the trip to Steveston and I’ll link to them when they hit the web.

Until then, my arms are all itchy and swollen. I considered buying some antihistamines but when I finally made it to the grocery store I forgot I needed them. I probably wouldn’t have gotten any if I’d remembered. I’m always scandalized by the price of drugs. I’ll divide the price by the number of pills and always come to the conclusion that they’re way too expensive.

Admittedly I don’t know what goes into making them. Maybe it’s an expensive process. All I know is that a bottle of Tylenol is 20% of my monthly grocery budget and that means that I probably won’t buy it. I don’t really need it anyways.

That migraine that spanned last Wednesday and Thursday? For a while there light was making me nauseous but I got through it without taking any drugs. I’m impervious to pain, just not itching.

The itching is going to drive me insane.

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