“Like a headless chicken – do you have that phrase?” Mye asked me. She was pleased that we have something similar in English. I feel like I should put more time into this blog but then I don’t because I’m busy with other things. I’m running these days, sometimes literally.

Maybe I would not have this issue if I had an iphone*. Maybe things would be better if I was plugged in all the time. Somehow I doubt this. As much as I love the internet it is a poor substitute for actually going out and doing things. After almost fifteen years of being connected to the web via hypodermic needle I’m weaning myself off it.

I think there’s value in slowing down, in being understimulated, in browsing, staring out the window and being bored. How else are you supposed to think if you don’t?

I’ve always thought that people with bluetooth headsets look kind of stupid. They make sense in an office setting where you take a lot of calls and need your hands free, but outside of the office?

I know it’s supposed to be a sign of status. It’s supposed to signify that you are important enough that you take a lot of calls so you have the technology to enable you to handle it all. You have the money to put into having these gadgets that you wear on yourself. You’re dedicated.

But what it says to me is that you are physically and mentally held to a schedule that is not your own. You never disengage. You’re never not at work. Whoever owns you has you at their complete disposal.


So says the person who’s checking her work email on a Sunday.

* Though a good friend urges me to not forget Android because it is open source.

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