I find it amazing that there are so many blackberries on the bushes near where we live. It’s not the fact that the bushes are so prolific but that no one picks berries around here. That’s alright though. More for me! My hands are all scratched up but I don’t mind because it’s only temporary and I have a lot of berries to eat.

One thing I’m hoping is temporary is the stabby pain I have been feeling in my lower back. I’m not entirely sure where it came from but it can go back there.

I put some clean sheets on my bed. The cat sat on the mattress in eager anticipation and predictably went nuts when I started putting the sheets on. What is it about cats and bedsheets? They all seem to do it.

Now that my bed is made she’s jumping up and down and trying to burrow into the quilt as if there’s something in there.

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