Duel to the death

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I had another bad night’s sleep last night. It seemed like every time I was just about to drift off to sleep I heard the persistent whine of a mosquito near my ear. I’d lay there and try to ignore it for as long as I could but inevitably I’d get really annoyed and turn on the light so I could find it.

Of course it was impossible to find because the sudden brightness would blind me and I’d spend a few minutes squinting around without much luck. Eventually I would give up and try to go back to sleep, only to have it return to buzz in my ear again.

This repeated itself a few times over the course of about two hours. One time I heard it buzzing behind my head in the dark. I reached out and whacked the back of my head and I must have hit it because the pitch of the buzzing climbed and it sounded like it was tangled in my hair for a while.

I finally decided to just keep the light on. Clearly I wasn’t going to sleep until it was dead. Eventually I found it hanging out on my curtain and squished it. It wasn’t until then that I was finally able to sleep.

I’m now dreading a repeat of last night. There is a new mosquito hanging out on the ceiling just above me. The ceiling in my room is not conducive to killing bugs. It’s a lumpy plaster that gives good camouflage to bugs and prevents you from squishing or whacking them with a fly swatter or a towel.

However, when you do try squishing them, just touching the ceiling unleashes a hailstorm of little plaster chunks and I manage to get plaster under my fingernails. Hopefully I’ll fall asleep before it gets to me.

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