Annual weekend of canning

beautiful downtown Sardis

I’ve just finished a weekend of epic canning and garden harvesting and my back and hamstrings are sore. Preparations for this weekend began last week with a trip out to Chilliwack to find giant cabbages where the above photos were taken.

The annual cabbage rolls and canning weekend lets me spend some quality time with my mom. My sister’s not very interested in most cooking stuff, so if it’s not jam that we’re making, she doesn’t take part all that much. She spent most of the day in bed sick.

Some years my dad has helped. Sometimes he helps a little too much and the time-honed recipe gets screwed around with because he’s thrown the contents of the fridge in with it leading to such unpleasant events as the Hungarian pepper incident of ’07. Due to the fact that we have no cupboards, there’s really no room for anyone so two people tripping over eachother was more than enough. He banished himself from the kitchen.

This was the first year that we’ve used the giant two quart jars for canning. Someone apparently picked them up a couple years ago because they were on sale. They were so huge that while I was filling them up with beets I felt like I was canning for the apocalypse.

I’m probably permanently relegating myself to spinsterdom by saying that one of my favourite things to do is cook and talk to people. It’s not super sexy but I look forward to having an entire weekend to spend cooking stuff that I will be eating all winter. There’s something about that that I find very satisfying.

My mom and I like to make up business plans as we’re working. Thinking through that stuff is far more fun than actually implementing it.

I’ve been toying with the idea of urban farming as a self-employed summer job. There’s a demand for that kind of stuff, and through sheer force of trial and error I have begun to get good at growing some things.

The idea’s not so crazy if you consider how abysmal I am at landing a summer job early in the summer and how poorly even the good ones pay. If I could keep myself motivated and ensure that some revenue was coming in regularly I think I would enjoy being self-employed.

Gardening’s another one of those really satisfying things. You get what you put into it. I like that.

back route to Chilliwack

2 Responses to “Annual weekend of canning”

  1. kimananda Says:

    I’m not sure why cooking would lead to spinsterdom…after all, cooking leads to eating yummy food. What’s not attractive about that? Cuddling up in Winter eating stuff you made in Summer. Something tells me I’m missing something here….

  2. erin Says:

    True, you can’t go wrong with yummy food.

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