Stockinette hell

bee balm

I have been working on a blog series about Granville Street. You can read it over here. I haven’t gotten around to writing the really fun posts I have planned for it yet but I’ll link them when I do.

While it’s tempting to say that blogging somewhere else is killing my blog I think this happens every time that I’m working a lot. I just get busy existing. And, well, busy being fixated on the persistent eye twitch I seem to have developed in my left eye.

I’m knitting a sweater out of cotton and it’s slow going. I don’t really have a lot of time to knit these days and I work slower with cotton so it’s been a couple months of stockinette hell now and I’m bored but I feel some strange compulsion to finish something before I start something new. This goes against my very nature. It’s tough.

We totally missed the fair this year. I was way too busy to enter anything and I forgot about the deadline. My sister wasn’t around to bug everyone to death about it. Oh well.

She comes back tomorrow and then she can set us right.

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