Lake of Stew

Last night Mye and I went to see Lake of Stew at Cafe Deux Soleils with a couple friends. I tried to explain to a coworker what I was planning on seeing and was a little at a loss. I settled on “knee slapping jig music”.

Eric had had a bad day at work and had some stuff to get off his chest. But the music is not conducive to being pissed off for any long period of time. I’m not sure if he felt any better or if he gave up complaining because the people he was talking to were dancing around and looking silly.

The ants have returned. First they were in the bathroom wall. The landlord called in an exterminator who seemed to fix it, but now they’re coming out of another wall, one that is nowhere near the exterior of the house. This doesn’t really make me feel very confident about calling the exterminator again.

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