Cameras in the garden

Today I spent a bunch of time in the garden working on a film project for work.

Getting the equipment home by transit wasn’t as big an ordeal as I had expected it to be. When I carry a small toolbox of jewelry supplies downtown on the skytrain people stare at me a lot. Dragging home a bunch of bulky camera equipment from work garners barely any attention at all. People just squeeze past and mind their own business.

The next day I felt a little beaten up by it all. The pressure from the strap on the camera bag broke some blood vessels on my shoulder and left a bit of bruising of the kind that I haven’t had since I stopped rowing. I’ve also got a nice bruise on the side of my right knee where the tripod bag kept hitting me as I walked.

I like doing film stuff. The time passes by and I barely notice.

This evening after dinner I chased hummers around. That’s one of the best parts of summer. They’re such cool little creatures.

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