Today for work my colleague and I went to do one of the interviews for a project we’re working on. We talked to a pretty interesting guy and he touched on a lot of issues that I’m planning on writing a bit about. I’ll post more details later.

After that we went for gelato and had a meeting to debrief in a park. I think that’s probably one of the most pleasant ways to have a staff meeting.

I needed to deposit a cheque after work so I took a shortcut through Metrotown Mall. Alarms were going off and every few minutes there was an announcement. It was hard to make out but it sounded like they suspected a fire in the parkade.

It didn’t matter though. People were still shopping, regardless, and the volume of people was pretty impressive. It’s always hard to take a short cut through the mall. People move erratically and there are too many in the way for me to walk at my normal speed.

Sure enough, when I made it out the other side there were fire trucks.

I find Metrotown large, bright, overstimulating, disorienting and stressful on a good day. The alarm bells heightened the situation into the realm of bizarre. Sometimes I really feel like I’m a rock in the middle of a sea of crazy.

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