porthole glass

They always manage to put the fireworks right in the middle of when I’m busy. I could go, I guess, but there’s always the hassle of getting home and then the fact that I’d be tired the next day, and I’m tired enough as it is.

I’m fine during the day but I get to this time of day and it hits me like a tonne of bricks. Too bad feeling really fatigued is not actually conducive to being able to sleep. I’m not convinced that the two things are related.

I hate how any time you mention to people that you have trouble getting enough sleep they suddenly become experts on curing insomnia. They’ll mention something like not drinking coffee in the evening as if this is a new idea and I haven’t tried it. I don’t think there’s a quick fix for this sort of thing. I’ve been an insomniac almost since birth.

Luckily I’m not so out of it that I couldn’t enroll my sister in a bunch of classes. She has spent all of today in transit between Fiji and Australia so she couldn’t do it herself. It seemed so much more stressful than when I’m doing it for me. At some point during the whole affair a box got checked that shouldn’t have and the system tried to enroll her in summer classes, which, because it is the end of the semester, none of them were accepting students.

I had a moment of blind panic during which I fished my phone out of my bag so I could cry to my mom. But eventually everything worked out.

I’m talking to her right now. She says she’s appreciative and that Air Pacific has weird vegetarian breakfast food.

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