I bought some peaches because they were on sale but I am now regretting it. This always happens. I always regret buying peaches. I think that the peach’s praise is horribly undeserved and that peaches unfairly steal the spotlight away from other more worthy fruits. They are the attention-whores of fruitdom.

They’re rarely good. I find with peaches that I keep purchasing and eating them even though they don’t taste very good until I forget why it is that I’m buying them and not some other kind of fruit.

But just about the time I think I’m going to give up buying peaches I eat one that is incredibly delicious and reminds me that peaches are actually supposed to taste good. It recommences the whole cycle of disappointment.

I hate you, peaches. You make me feel like a lab animal in some sort of cruel experiment.

I much prefer nectarines. There’s a certain amount of reliability you can expect from nectarines. They’re more likely to be reasonably good, even if they’re not completely ripe. Not to mention they don’t bruise as easily and they aren’t covered in fuzz.

Yep, nectarines are superior in every way, except when you have a really good peach. Damn peaches.

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  1. chris Says:

    I totally agree. It’s the smell that peaches give off that get me. They have some sort of power over me. Plus they are always next to the fuji apples at the grocery store and once I smell that sweet odor I find myself putting a couple in the bag to be purchased.

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