Free drinks


We had planned to go down to see the buskers on Granville but when we got there there was just one stage with a band playing and not a lot else, at least not as much as we had expected.

We wandered up and down the street, eventually deciding that we would go to a pub. We decided on one but when we got there we were disappointed to find that they were charging cover, which left us standing out in the street, trying to decide what to do.

It was just about that time that a woman walked up and gifted us with a small stack of cards that would give us free admission and drinks at a club we had passed earlier up the street. We stood for a while considering this and then decided that there’s nothing wrong with free drinks so we headed over. It would be an experiment.

Standing outside, we looked ourselves up and down and decided that we were probably not the kinds of people they were thinking of when they’d opened this club. The interior gave us the same impression. It was full of chandeliers, plush faux-leather booth seats with fake fur throws, crushed velvet floral brocade wallpaper, washroom attendants that pumped the soap for you and handed you towels. The focal wall was padded leather and had the name of the club monogrammed in gold glitter. Everything was ridiculously over the top tacky. The whole place felt like it was trying way too hard. Lame.

We walked in through the nearly empty dance floor, claimed our free drinks and found a good spot for people watching. As we sat in one of the booths a woman came by with a champagne list. In the interest of continuing our experiment we decided that the six of us should split a bottle of champagne but the cheapest one on the list was $350 so that idea was out.

Eventually we got tired of the place and left.

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