On Friday after work I stood at my bus stop as four consecutive buses drove past without stopping at my stop, jam packed with people from Kits Beach. When the fourth passed by, a woman sighed in annoyance. “That’s the fourth one in a row,” I told her.

I was fed up. I decided that I would walk. No more than about half a block later I heard a car honking and turned to see a taxi pulling over. The lady from the bus stop leaned out the window. “Hop in, I’m paying!” she called out to me.

“You see, I offered everyone else at the stop a ride but they all just stood there like they were stunned,” she said to the driver, “but she’s nice. She talked to me.” She turned to face me. “I looked for you but you were gone. Good thing I recognized your shoes.” She chatted away with the driver as we wove in and out of traffic.

She was tall and thin, made up and put-together in a way I never am, the sort of person that I never really have the chance to talk to unless she’s my waitress at a restaurant. She was wearing a very gorgeous pair of gold shell earrings.

It’s kind of funny the people you run into. Maybe it’s just me but I kind of feel like Vancouver’s getting a lot more friendly. It seems like these sorts of random encounters are happening a lot more often to me. But maybe that’s just me.

I think she might be a waitress at Joey’s. Leave her a decent tip for me, okay?

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