Cherries everywhere!


This year has been horrible for tree fruit. The spring was so cold that the trees all flowered before the bees were out, so of all the trees that my parents have, the only fruit produced this year is a single cherry.

They came home and announced that I had a photo assignment. They gave me a box of cherries and a roll of string and told me to hang cherries in all the trees and then send the pictures to my sister in Fiji.

A lot of silliness ensued as we put a lot of cherries where they clearly don’t belong.

I’ve been gradually working my way through a bunch of little projects and I had a pleasant day of digging out the turntable and putting on a few records. Vinyl’s great for when I’m hunched over the computer because it forces me to take breaks to change sides all the time.

My day was punctuated with a constant stream of #g20 tweets from friends and others in Toronto. It’s been the dark, depressing undercurrent of what was otherwise a nice day. I’m watching because I can’t seem to turn away.




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