I went with Wesley to one of his friends’ album release party. On our way there he tried to scare me by telling me all about all the things I would be expected to do, like chant om, talk about sprouting beans and express gratitude for life. None of this scared me so he eventually admitted to making stuff up.

The funny thing was that everything he said turned out to be true. The crowd was new-agey, friendly and colourful. We were treated to strange sounding Bjork covers and hip-hop with participatory chanting to open our crown chakra. Wesley’s friend played acoustic guitar and sang songs about positivity.

We sat in a little art gallery with an exhibit of portraits of Ol’ Dirty Bastard in various media and possibly by various artists. My favourite piece was a set of brass teeth with rhinestones and other really impossible dental work.

Later on I became really enamoured with the woodgrain on our kitchen and sat up late sketching it. I think I’ll turn my sketches into an art project, but at the time I think I really confused and upset people with my weirdness. I don’t know. Since when is sitting up late and drawing weird?

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