My sister is now in Levuka, which is a place that Google can’t find any photos of. She says she likes it better than where she was before because it’s very pretty and the temperature is a lot lower, hovering just above 20. She says she misses dairy products but that she heard rumours that there was goat cheese available somewhere on the island that she is on.

She hasn’t stayed in a place yet that has wifi, so she is at the mercy of whatever she can find at internet cafes. Whatever she ends up with never seems to give her enough time to upload some photos for people to see. We’ve had a bit of luck using the screen sharing feature in Skype. She can share her screen and then dig through all her files of photos and explain a bit about them as she goes. It works really well because she can show us a bunch of photos and we get the commentary right away.

But for the past while we haven’t heard much from her and Skype hasn’t worked so I have no idea what this Levuka looks like. I’m sure I will eventually.

This morning I woke up at 8am to the sound of a lawnmower. I wondered who could possibly be so inconsiderate as to mow their lawn at 8am and immediately thought of our neighbour who does it every day. But it wasn’t him. At least he waits until 10.

No, it was a guy cutting our lawn. Wonderful. The first thing my roommate said when he got up was “Erin, your grass is gone.” True, it is.

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