Empty house

the lawn again

Our neighbour has taken up mowing his lawn every day at 10am. Since we haven’t lived here for very long I’m not sure if it is just something that he does or if he’s trying to send us a message that our lawn is too long.

Everyone’s feeling Mary-Lee’s absence. She’s not noisy at all but somehow it’s been a lot quieter around here. The cat disappears for long periods of time and then suddenly she’s stuck to me. She does a thing where she’ll jump onto a table or chair, stand up on her back legs and plant her paws firmly on your chest so she can rub her face all over yours. In spite of living with cats all my life I’m actually kind of allergic to them so she makes my face itch and my eyes water.

I had a dream about her last night where she was stuck to my back and I couldn’t get her off so I wandered through tents and pavilions at a fair with some friends with her there. This may have been because she was sleeping in the small of my back at the time.

Mye is taking it in her own way. She no longer has a francophone to talk to so she’s been trying to accelerate our French acquisition by sticking post it notes with phrases all over the place. She stuck one on the cat but it didn’t stay for long.

Besides, I already know how to say cat.

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