Things are happening all around me. I feel like a bunch of cards are falling on the table and I’m not sure what they mean yet.

Tomorrow we’re shipping my sister off to Fiji for the summer. She’s going to be working on an archaeological dig there. She’s pretty awesome so I’m going to miss her.

With her blessing I’m going to appropriate her entire wardrobe for the summer so I will look stylish and smell like Old Spice.

Mary-Lee is leaving soon to spend the summer in Quebec. Something tells me that Sachat:


and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.

Wesley’s gone back to school so we’ll probably have a lot of long conversations about Goffman and the moral compass of society or something.

Mye’s trying to get one of her friends to come live with us over the summer and it looks like it might just happen.

I have a whole lot of things to keep me busy this summer, but I’m still looking for work so I can pay my rent. Job searching never seems to be very fun.

This summer is going to be really interesting.

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